No matter what we do, people are the mission.

Our Vision

Here at The Bridge, we say, every member on mission. We believe that every member has an active role to play in participating in God’s mission to make His name known, here in our city and in all cities. Therefore, as the body of Christ, we are all sent out to live on mission.

Next Generation

We will be a church that reaches the next generation of college students God is bringing to our city.

Multiethnic Church

We will be a church that reflects the diverse ethnicities represented in our city.

Underprivileged Youth

We will be a church that serves children suffering from broken situations.

Persons of Need

We will be a church that serves those impacted by poverty and addiction.

Church Planting

We will be a church that sees the gospel multiplied through planting new churches, not just locally and domestically, but internationally through all cities.

Local Sending

As the local Church, we do not exist for the good of ourselves but for the good of our city, and not only our city but all cities. This means doing the legwork to understand the demographics and needs of our city, so we can most effectively meet those needs. If we look at Jesus’ life, not only did he declare the Gospel, but he demonstrated it to the people around him, so they could know Him. We are called to do the same.

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National Sending

We believe that church planting is essential and should be an ongoing process, where we plant and partner with Gospel-centered, multi-ethnic churches. Our hope is to raise up pastors and leaders from within our Church who will one day be sent from our church and start new churches. Also, we will continually multiply churches by partnering with others who are planting new churches.

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International Sending

All throughout Scripture, we see God’s heart to make Himself known among the nations, that ALL people might know Him. Missions exist to advance the Gospel and make His name known in places where it is not known. Whether you decide to take a short term trip or go somewhere long term, we want to provide you an opportunity to take that next step to be part of God’s mission wherever you go.

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Upcoming Trips

Short Term Teams are sent to serve alongside our missionary partners and church planters. People are the mission, not projects. While projects are often a necessary platform to share the Gospel with locals, empowering and equipping the local church to reach the unchurched is the main goal of our trips. We desire to build meaningful relationships with our field partners in order to have long-term sustainability and a far more lasting impact. These trips are one of the best discipleship opportunities at our church. A lifetime commitment to the nations often begins on a Short Term Trip.

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Prayer, Give, Go

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